SCOM Clean-up

The New Year is often a time for people to refresh, renew and rejuvenate. As a SCOM engineer maybe it’s a good time to also refresh and rejuvenate your SCOM environment. In other words, maybe it’s a good time to clean-up SCOM!

We get asked about “cleaning up” SCOM routinely – almost daily. “We ____ and need to clean up SCOM”. Fill in the blank: “want to upgrade”; “are getting too many alerts”; “we just merged with another group”; “don’t know where our overrides are”; the list goes on and on.

With MP Studio we make it really easy to clean-up SCOM and will make it even easier in 2020 by letting your users do the clean-up (but more on that later). Here’s how MP Studio can help today:


Find and organize your overrides

With MP Studio it’s one click of the mouse. All your overrides will be discovered, and you can move / cut / paste them into the MP (or MPs) you want.


Alert tuning

Noisy MPs? Everyone’s got them. MP Studio can manage overrides in bulk if you need to make some big changes e.g. disabling alerts from monitors across many MPs. Or you can manage overrides individually and track those changes using MP Studio.


Analyze your MPs

Management Pack and Agent workflow reports: use the rich reporting features of MP Studio to see what’s installed on your Management Servers and to see exactly what’s running on your agents including all customizations.


Audit your Groups

We’ve seen it lots of times where hundreds or even thousands of SCOM groups exist many of which are duplicates, empty or unutilized. Too many groups slows down SCOM including the group populator and can add confusion in other areas. MP Studio finds these groups quickly and lets you manage them.



OK so now that SCOM is cleaned up, how do you keep it that way? A structured change management process is certainly a great place to start. Use MP version control to manage changes; use standard fragments when authoring new MPs and schedule regular audit reports showing changes in your environment. All of which can be done using MP Studio.

Here’s to keeping SCOM clean in 2020!




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