MP Studio/MP Author Professional v8.1

Silect continues to incorporate feedback from the Operations Manager community and is pleased to announce this new 8.1 release of MP Studio, MP Author Professional and MP Author.

  • MP Studio is a complete lifecycle management tool for management packs, including advanced authoring, testing, tuning, version control and more.
  • MP Author Professional is an IT Pro friendly product that enables the creation and editing of advanced management packs for Operations Manager.
  • MP Author enables the creation of basic management packs.

MP Studio v8.1 and MP Author Professional v8.1 improve the authoring process by allowing users to edit elements using wizards. The elements must be compatible with the wizard, but all elements created with MP Studio and MP Author (Professional or non-professional) are fully compatible with editing. Many elements created with other tools will also be compatible with editing.

What’s New in MP Author 8.1

• All script wizards parse the scripts (PowerShell works best, but VBScript and JScript also) to provide better defaults.
• Introduction pages remember the last server specified and re-uses that when subsequently needed.
• Changed linked report as per Wei’s blog article to make the linked report runnable with Script Performance Rule.
• Linked views created with performance rules back to the rule.
• Delete related elements when deleting rules, monitors, classes, folders and views etc.
• Allow user to deploy MP as part of the seal process. Remember all previous settings and prompt for credentials only if needed.
• Provide more details when later versions of references already exist on the management server and added new Details button.
• Various bug fixes and performance improvements.

What’s New in MP Studio & MP Author Professional 8.1

All of the new capabilities and enhancements added to MP Author 8.1 plus…
• Allow elements (that are compatible with our wizards) can be edited with wizards. This was the most requested feature!
• Allow “Synchronize with Management Server…” when editing references.
• Allow freshly sealed MPs to be added to the Store.
• Supply default values for the alert parameters for the process monitor so SCOM won’t generate errors if no instance of the process is running, but is expected to be running.
• Tasks, Discoveries and Diagnostics now check the specified name against existing items and will not allow you to attempt to create duplicate names.

What’s New in MP Studio 8.1

All of the new capabilities and enhancements added to MP Author Professional 8.1 plus…
• MP Studio now includes reference management packs so no need for an installation of MP Author. Store is automatically populated.
• Global registered management servers. All users get their personal registered management servers plus the global registered management servers.
• Administrators get to add / remove global registered management servers.

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