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Advanced MP Authoring and Lifecycle Management


Silect MP Studio reduces the complexity of System Center Operations Manager by giving you complete visibility and control over Management Packs (MPs). This level of control lowers operating costs, ensures consistent IT service level monitoring and also makes it easy to expand the reach of Operations Manager to new workloads which can dramatically increase the return on your investment in Operations Manager.

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Product Overview

MP Studio gives you everything you need when working with Operations Manager Management Packs throughout their lifecycle whether it’s authoring, deployment or on-going operations and maintenance. Advanced authoring capabilities allows developers and non-developers alike to create sophisticated MPs for virtually any monitoring scenario including network device management. Documentation, tuning and testing of MPs means you know how its going to operate when running inside your Operations Manager environment and version control and auditing features specifically built for MPs gives you complete visibility into MP changes and how these changes will impact your infrastructure.

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Major Features

Advanced MP Authoring

Save time and effort developing and customizing MPs with Silect MP Studio. MP Studio provides a complete and integrated Management Pack development environment for IT Pros, developers, application owners and IT operators. Fragments are now supported in MP Studio making Management Pack development easier than ever!


Version Control

Control change within your SCOM environment. Use MP Studio as a central repository of MPs for centralized version management, backup and change history. Track all changes made to MPs within your environment and automatically produces reports showings who changed what and when. Learn more about release management using MP Studio.


Analysis and Reporting

MP Studio will clearly display the configuration of key elements including rules / monitors / discoveries and overrides. MP Studio enables you to create meaningful custom views and reports using filters and grouping to show the data you want to see and report on. Learn more about MP analysis and reporting.



Override Management

Clean up your SCOM environment and save time and effort developing and customizing MPs with Silect MP Studio. Create overrides individually or in bulk and clean up misplaced overrides using copy / paste. Also easily view existing management pack customizations.



MP Comparison

MP Studio helps you understand what’s been added, deleted or changed in new Management Packs as well as quickly identify changes to existing MPs to save you time and increase efficiency in your implementation planning process. MP Studio enables you to compare all management pack versions across all groups to discover out of date versions then easily synchronize or remediate mismatches.




MP Studio enables you to test key features of an Management Pack against multiple servers to determine the resultant set of alerts. This helps you tune the MP prior to deployment preventing unnecessary alert storms.


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