MP Studio Version 8.3

We are pleased to announce the General Availability of MP Studio version 8.3. We’ve made lots of updates and improvements to the products. Here’s a summary of the changes:

  • All the changes for MP Author Pro (see
  • Override dialogs now allow a reason to be specified to allow requirements tracking. Similarly, the file version dialog (when saving to the Store) now allows descriptions to be specified or changed.
  • The workflow report has substantial changes, including:
    • The computer selection dialog now allows SCOM group selection
    • An “All” group can be selected to report on all computers/devices
    • Text filtering can select computers/devices matching specified strings
    • When scheduled reporting on a group, current group members are always selected
    • Linux computers and SNMP devices can be included in the workflow report
    • Alert parameters are now included in the workflow report
    • New columns added with more details about the workflow element. These definitions are user extendable and/or replaceable (see Appendix A of the User Guide).
    • Drastically improved scalability by generating workflows for multiple computers/devices in parallel and storing the report in a fully normalized manner.
    • New “Ad Hoc” selection dialog allows faster selection via pasting computer and group names.
  • File attachments in the Store DB are now automatically compressed and expanded as needed.
  • The audit history report now allows you to specify the number of days of data to return. Improvements were made in the report itself to clarify what is being shown and to remove some spurious changes.
  • The compare all management groups report now allows you to select which management groups to include in the report (rather than always including all). When deploying, users can uncheck MPs to avoid deploying to some management groups.
  • Added text filtering when selecting MPs to download from the internet, and when selecting multiple management packs.
  • When sealing an MP, you can now specify a copyright string.
  • Added significant new features in the MP Studio PowerShell to allow automation of several important operations when creating or maintaining MPs:
    • Get-ManagementPackModel
    • New-ManagementPackModel
    • Save-ManagementPackModel
    • Protect-ManagementPackModel
    • Add-Fragment
    • Get-AuditHistory
    • When copying MPs from a management group to the Store DB, the -Synchronize parameter can be specified to deal with installed MPs which have been modified but the version number has not been changed.
    • Create drives using the management group name (if possible) in addition to the previous drive names.
    • Full documentation of Silect.PowerShell snap-in (see Appendix B of the User Guide)
  • Added support for higher-level tracing for SNMP devices, to help customers deal with devices which cause problems when being scanned.
  • Show a progress dialog when scanning SNMP devices, which allows cancelling if the device is returning more data than desired.
  • Improved handling of SNMP v3 traffic.

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