MP Studio / MP Author Professional Version 8.2

We are pleased to announce the General Availability of MP Studio and MP Author Professional version 8.2. We’ve made lots of updates and improvements to the products. Here’s a summary of the changes:

MP Studio and MP Author Professional

  • Support for SCOM 1801
  • When sealing and deploying and MP, deploy the sealed MP, not the unsealed.
  • Remember the last SCOM version used when creating an MP, as it should be the default next time. Improve display and logging of the versions of reference MP that are loaded.
  • Groups can now be created without dynamic membership rules.
  • Improved impersonation when browsing remote registries.
  • When parsing scripts for class names, parameters, etc. allow both single and double quotes.
  • When displaying lists of targets, ensure the list shows abstract and singletons if needed.
  • Several dialogs and message boxes now allow you to not show them again (once you know what they are telling you, you can select a “Don’t Show This Again” check box.)
  • Discoveries can now be enabled for a group from within the wizard.
  • Alert, Event, Performance and State views can now be filtered by a group.
  • Editing event, performance, service or process rules/monitors will work correctly even if the machine being browsed doesn’t have the items previously selected.
  • Performance monitors now support two and three-state monitors using simple values, average values, delta values, or consecutive samples.
  • Script monitors and rules allowed overrides on the parameter values but did not use the override value. This has been corrected.
  • Setting a description for an element which does not have a display name failed. The new behaviour is to set the missing display name (to the actual name) at the same time.
  • Do not require hosted classes with no key properties to be singletons because the hosting class may have key properties.
  • Improve handling of reference MPs which don’t exist or are the wrong version.
  • Allow registry and WMI queries to work if they contain characters which are significant in XML (like < or >).
  • The script class wizard will no longer allow users to change the class name, if the class name was determined from the script (if they don’t match, the discovery will fail).
  • Numerous bug fixes, UI and performance improvements.
  • Fragment creation will now correctly determine references needed within knowledge articles.
  • Add a new wizard to create a new class based on an existing class, allowing expression and group filtering.
  • Database and web site wizards no longer show the monitor name (as it is generated by the template and can not be changed).


Changes only to MP Studio 

  • When downloading MPs from the internet, add new languages which may be excluded and handle new language patterns being used by Microsoft.
  • Several improvements to the Manage Overrides dialog.
  • Installed unsealed MPs can now be saved directly to the Store. Unsealed MPs in the Store can retrieve a new version from a management group.
  • Ensure that errors that occur when downloading MPs from the internet are reported to the user (and not just silently logged).


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