System Center Operations Manager

Do you need to Simplify the Deployment and Management of your Operations Manager Management Packs?

Master your Management Packs throughout their Lifecycle with Silect's MP Studio and MP Author.

Silect Software delivers products that simplify the deployment and management of Microsoft System Center Operations Manager by giving IT administrators the flexibility and control to master Operations Manager Management Packs with MP Studio and MP Author.

Tuning and Testing your Management Pack

Minimize needless alerts by testing and tuning Management Packs before they are deployed. Reduce the time to implement Operations Manager by incorporating a best practices framework as you customize, tune and deploy Management Packs and updates. Eliminate the risk of deploying Management Pack changes by simulating them against a production environment without deploying them into production.

Management Pack Compliance and Version Control Reporting for Operations Manager

Minimize complexity by analyzing and reporting on the impact of Management Pack changes to your Operations Manager deployment. Assure compliance and safeguard against mistakes through version control, backup copies and audit histories. Help avoid unexpected changes in service monitoring and ensures compliance documentation by reporting on all Management Pack changes.

Management Pack Bulk Overrides and Avoiding Alert Storms

Save time by enabling bulk overrides and customizations to your Management Packs and eliminate Alert Storms by simulating changes before deploying new MPs to Microsoft System Center Operations Manager in your production environment.