Enhanced System Center Configuration Manager Reporting

Bring the benefits of ConfigWise’s robust central reporting capabilities and extended platform support to Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)

  • Gain immediate insight into your IT infrastructure with out-of-the-box asset inventory, configuration compliance, configuration drift, change management and license reporting
  • Easily create custom reporting dashboards with information collected across System Center 2007 and 2012, all integrated within a single view
  • Deliver enterprise reporting aligned to business needs with advanced filtering options, historical reporting, trend analysis and web-based reporting
  • Provide a central configuration data warehouse and reporting solution for the enterprise by integrating Configuration Manager results with information collected across Windows, Linux, and VMware, including third-party data sources
  • Reduce the time and effort to build Configuration Manager baselines by quickly capturing in-use configurations from a “golden master” system; extend Settings Management/DCM configuration compliance monitoring capabilities to non-Windows platforms 
  • Provide configuration health monitoring and reporting for SCCM server configurations and change management
  • Leverage industry expertise and best practices for  configuration compliance with regulatory, security hardening or corporate standards including Microsoft Security Compliance Manager and SCAP baselines

During pre-implementation planning and change management processes, ConfigWise will provide insight into your System Center environment including configuration inventory analysis, configuration health monitoring, desired state reporting and change management reporting.  Prior to deploying SCCM's Settings Management or DCM, ConfigWise can be used to inventory configurations and aggregate results, analyze change history and then export ConfigWise policies to SCCM as configuration baselines.

Want to extend SCCM's Settings Management or DCM capabilities to non-Windows environments, including Linux and VMware ESX?  ConfigWise integrates seamlessly with SCCM to collect information about computers managed by SCCM as well as configuration compliance results stored within the SCCM database.  Then ConfigWise adds direct support for configuration integrity monitoring to non-Windows platforms to give you a single view of your configuration compliance across the enterprise. 

Need to deliver configuration integrity monitoring to System Center environments without the support of SCCM's Settings Management or DCM?  ConfigWise is your solution.  Since ConfigWise works both with and without SCCM, ConfigWise can bring the capabilities of SCCM's Settings Management or DCM to environments where these features are not supported such as System Center Advisor, System Center Intune and System Center Essentials.

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