MP Studiofor Operations Manager

System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) - Simplify MP Development, Deployment and Management

  Decrease complexity, increase productivity, speed implementation and reduce risk when authoring and managing your SCOM management packs (MPs)

June 2016: NEW VERSION 7.0 NOW AVAILABLE! What's new in V7?

When embracing the value of Systems Center Operations Manager, you don't want to be burdened with new layers of complexity or storms of unwanted alerts.  Silect's MP Studio gives you  greater control over your management packs across their lifecycle:

  • Do more with less, leveraging automation capabilities for reporting and backup including emailed report subscriptions and publishing
  • Author Management Pack for SNMP devices
  • Author advanced Management Packs including creating new Classes, Relationships, Dependency and Aggregate monitors, Process monitors
  • Create a single view of all rules, monitors, discoveries and overrides associated with a single MP or entire management group; easily navigate and analyze important components and share results with application teams
  • Easily document complete contents of any management pack including configured overrides and export to an Excel workbook in an easy to read format
  • Improve your Operations Manager implementation by minimizing the complexity of authoring, testing and optimizing management packs and analyzing the impact of any changes prior to deployment
  • Save time by creating or editing overrides in bulk for common properties when customizing management packs
  • Identify the 20% of rules and monitors that generate 80% of your alerts before putting a management pack into production by first testing the MP file off-line. This simulation uses real time data from production systems to determine what overrides may need tuning.
  • Easily view and export “What’s Running on my Server” to discover what management packs, rules, monitors, and overrides are running on any managed agent
  • Manage change through comprehensive version control including automated backup and scheduled audit history reporting
  • Avoid unexpected changes in service monitoring and ensure compliance documentation by automatically reporting on all management pack changes on a scheduled basis
  • Maintain consistancy in Management Pack versions across all management groups by first reporting mismatches and then synchronizing non-compliance Management Packs


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What's New in MP Studio V6 ? Lots of cool Automation! Enhanced Reports ! Management Group Comparison!

MP Studio has an even faster ROI now that you can automate reporting with email subscription and/or publishing on a scheduled basis.  Reports are much richer as configured overrides are now shown alongside their referenced rules/monitors.  The ever popular agent workflow report now contains overrides shown alongside their referenced elements making it easy to know exactly what's running on your server.  You can also schedule the backup of your management groups thus automatically checking-in any management packs that have changed to the MP Studio database.  Next automate the audit reports so they are emailed to  stakeholders as needed.

The all new Management Group Comparison feature allows you to automate reporting on MP version mismatches across multiple management groups and manage deployments  by synchronizing or remediating as needed right from the report. With potentially hundred of management packs installed, finally there is an way to keep your management groups organized

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