MP Reporterfor Operations Manager

Uncover the details of SCOM Management Packs quickly and easily with Silect's MP Reporter

View and document MP contents, compare MPs and analyze SCOM agents – available now at $495.00 per named user* for either MP Reporter for SCOM 2007 or MP Reporter for SCOM 2012.

Get better visibility to management packs on any Operations Manager server and avoid the risk of costly mistakes that can lead to storms of unwanted alerts.  Whether you are working with Microsoft delivered MPs,  MPs authored in Operations Manager, third-party MPs or custom-developed MPs, Silect’s MP Reporter can help you view, analyze, compare and document all your installed management packs quickly and efficiently from a solution designed for the IT Pro.  

View and Document Management Packs:

  • Create single view of all rules, overrides, monitors and discoveries associated with a single MP or entire management group; easily navigate, filter and analyze important components
  • Easily document complete contents of any installed management pack and export to an Excel workbook in an easy to read format

Compare Management Packs:

  • Quickly compare new MP versions on any Operations Manager Management Server, including MPs from Microsoft or third-party providers, for comprehensive change identification and impact analysis

Analyze SCOM Agents:

  • Quickly identify exactly “what’s running on my server”, including MPs, rules and discoveries, for any Operations Manager managed agent

Upgrade to MP Studio Enterprise Edition Simplify the deployment and management of Operations Manager 2007 or 2012 and gain greater control over your management pack lifecycle. MP Studio delivers powerful management pack analysis, customization, testing, tuning, version control, documentation and auditing.

Microsoft Cloud and Data Center Management MVPs:  Contact Silect to find out how to get your copy of MP Reporter today.

*Per User cost total is $595 USD including first year maintenance cost.

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